2021: The Year of Slow but Consistent Progress - Estate Logic

 2021: The Year of Slow but Consistent Progress Is investing in real estate a good option in the current times? How is the market coping with the impact of the pandemic? They say, 'Every cloud has a silver lining and we humans, are wired to hope for the good that follows the bad. The year 2020 was laugh, and needless to say that everyone is now looking forward to 2021 to bring in a wave of positivity What lies ahead for the real estate sector?  When will the real estate sector bounce back to normalcy? "Contrary to initial predictions, the residential segment was quick to see an uptick in momentum on the back of growing demand for home ownership amid the pandemic. This pent-up demand to own homes was further accelerated by discounts and offers. What we are witnessing right now is organic demand driven by the desire to own homes. When the various discounts and offers are rolled back, demand is expected to continue. for more details about Property - Apartments - Villa's visit